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Ear Drops (formerly Otalgin)

Ear Drops are a safe, home remedy for ear infection developed by caring pediatrician. Eard Drops are over-the-counter homeopathic eardrop that reduce the pain and discomfort associated with ear infections. Ear Drops are a blend of geranium, glycerol and alcohol. Glycerol and alcohol are used as vehicles for geranium. Plus, both have the beneficial effect acting as  dehydrating agents (15), by pulling away excess fluid form the middle ear, which reduces pressure, pain and earache. In addition, alcohol may act as a topical analgesic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial agent (16, 17).

Eard Drops are bottled in 0.5 oz. glass vial with plastic dropper attached and with a tamper-proof closing.

Features and Benefits

  • Developed by a pediatrician for earache relief

  • Contains pure, natural and effective ingredients

  • Ear Drops have dual action: it reduces pain and kills the microbes that cause ear infection

  • Ear Drops are safe and non-toxic earache drops

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